• Feminine Wash is a Hygiene Product

    There are so many great benefits that come with using intimate washes - for example, it helps to healthily balance the pH levels, which in turn, prevents bacterial infection and supports the growth of good bacteria. It can also enhance your confidence, as well as increasing sexual pleasure by alleviating pain caused by bacterial infections. It is definitely a overlooked element of a daily hygiene routine...
  • Male Hygiene Must Haves

    Male Hygiene Must Haves
    Male Hygiene is Important Too The industry of intimate care is thriving off of catering to feminine needs, but men have needs too. Genital hygiene is just as relevant in the world of today as feminine hygiene. There aren't many companies catering to genital hygiene, but Couture Aesthetics has taken a leap to become one of them, now providing products for both men and women. They...
  • Intimate Sweat and Hygiene

    Intimate Sweat and Hygiene
    Intimate hygiene is a concept that often comes with embarrassment and stereotypes - yet it is so important to practice good hygiene. Yes, there is such a thing as good and bad hygiene. Good hygiene practices helps to keep the intimate area ph balanced, clean, and less irritable, while bad hygiene practices increase bad bacteria growth, intimate odor, bv, yeast, and more. Irrespective of...
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