Male Hygiene Must Haves

Male Hygiene is Important Too

The industry of intimate care is thriving off of catering to feminine needs, but men have needs too. Genital hygiene is just as relevant in the world of today as feminine hygiene. There aren't many companies catering to genital hygiene, but Couture Aesthetics has taken a leap to become one of them, now providing products for both men and women. They have extended their intimate hygiene line to include a Gentleman's kit (Illuminating Serum, Turmeric Scrub, and His Cleanser), along with Sack Wipes. Since launching the male's line the company has gotten nothing but  positive remarks.

The brand has definitely taken men's needs into consideration and executed branding to appeal to the male eye, from the black robust labels to the masculine condom like sack wipe packaging all discreet needs of men from package to use has been thought of and considered. The needs of men will now be discreetly met. Finally a product on the market that acknowledges that male skin care is important. 

By extending the product line to include male hygiene Couture Aesthetics is staying a step above the curve. This solution based genital line is geared towards helping men to reduce scrotum odor, dry skin, ingrown hairs, black heads, bad bacteria, irritation, and inflammation.

The "His Aloe Cleanser" and "Sack Wipes" are great for maintaining hygiene. Men have a tendency to shake and go leaving pee residue on themselves and their boxers. These products will help to remove the that residue keeping the genital region clean throughout the day.  

The "His Scrub" and "His Serum" will remove the dry and dead skin cells replacing them with new fresh moisturized skin cells to allow the skin to heal while reducing skin discoloration. The skin is easily irritated and skin cells have a turnover rate ranging from 4 to 6 weeks. 

This entire new male collection will not disappoint ! Grab yours today or grab it for a friend, they are sure to love it. Be sure to leave us a review or ask any questions you may have, we'll be sure to respond ! 

The Couture Blog x DNaya Eubanks 

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