Intimate Sweat and Hygiene

Intimate hygiene is a concept that often comes with embarrassment and stereotypes - yet it is so important to practice good hygiene. Yes, there is such a thing as good and bad hygiene. Good hygiene practices helps to keep the intimate area ph balanced, clean, and less irritable, while bad hygiene practices increase bad bacteria growth, intimate odor, bv, yeast, and more. Irrespective of age and gender, the intimate area is composed of skin and skin needs to remain clean properly. Keep in mind the skin is the largest organ of the body and without proper care it will become fragile.

We all talk about the latest beauty products, the hottest trending new topics, what celebrity is topping the charts this week but we skip over talks about vaginal odor, intimate hygiene, or genital care. It's time to start talking about genital hygiene as much as we bring up vaginal hygiene. Think about it when's the last time you visited the obgyn, or had your significate other go to the urologist ? 

Did you know that although sweating is good for bacterial cleansing if you allow the sweat to build up in your intimate area without properly cleansing it , it then becomes bad. Sweating produces lactic acid and if left on the hair follicles for to long it can cause damage, irritation, and  odor.

Let us not forget bacteria grows with the support of moisture and sweat, which is very prominent around the genital and vaginal region. Ultimately bad bacteria can lead to infections if not treated, so do not ignore small signs such s lingering odors. Maintaining good hygiene habits can help prevent the overgrowth of bad bacteria because surprise, the body does need some bad bacteria to maintain homeostasis. 

5 Tips for cleansing intimate area sweating : 

1. Keep natural cleansing wipes with you at all times (avoid wipes with parfumes, dyes, parabens) 

2. Keep a pair of cotton garments you can switch into (you do not want to sit in sweaty undergarments or garments they retain moisture and odor and can worsen over time)

3. Use intimate are cleansers that do not contain scents to prevent worsening the smell of the sweat or odor. It will also help to prevent irritation or inflammatory reactions. 

4. Refrain from scratching when the skin feels irritated when sweating . 

5. Drink a lot of water as water is a detoxification method that can help to eliminate odor while keeping the body cool to maintain homeostasis. 

We know everyone's grandma says just use soap and water , and traditionally they would have been correct, however now soaps have so many different combinations of chemical fragrances in them that can throw you PH off that it is recommended to use natural cleansers on your intimate area especially when sweating. 

Feel free to let us know how this blog helped you and if you used the tips ! 

- The Couture Blog  x DNaya Eubanks . 

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