Importance of not using scented, perfumes, dyes, parabens or chemical-based products on the intimate area

After a great amount of research it has been proven that fragrance is a harsh additive to use on your intimate area, which can cause negative effects on all skin types. However, this information seems to get lost along the way as the majority of health care skin products are completely drowned in fragrances, perfumes, and dyes ! Sadly, many people ignore these facts and persist to use them despite the harshness it can have on our health, especially our intimate areas.


How does skin react to fragrances you ask? It can cause a great amount of sensitivity, redness, itchiness and can be the basis and stimulant of persistent infections and diseases down below. You might be thinking that “my skin doesn’t show signs of being bothered or agitated by the products that I use” - however, sadly, this is not always the case. It can still be a serious cause of concern as the skin can be good at hiding the damage that has been caused. An example could be sun damage - this is different from sun tanning and sunburn, as this is something that can show up later along the line. All of the damage has taken place, even if it doesn’t show immediately!

If that is the case then why do so many products contain fragrance? What an amazing question! But sadly, the answer is simple - because people like it when their products smell great. Companies tend to take advantage of this factor as it has an impact on the buying decisions of their customers. Another factor is simply because naturally, a lot of product doesn’t particularly smell good, therefore the fragrance covers up the not-so-pleasing smell. However, there are ingredients that can change the smell - meaning that fragrance is not a necessity in products. This factor played a major role in Couture Aesthetics ingredient production for their feminine cleanser, wipes, and intimate sprays. This allows for women to have a fragrance-free product that smell good, while protecting their PH giving them the best of both worlds.

Thankfully, some natural ingredients have a pleasant fragrance but do not cause irritation, for example, vanilla, cucumber, aloe vera, almond, shea butter and coconut. However, distinguishing potent antioxidants that defend skin from the environment from those that are simply added to make you "shop with your nose" isn’t easy.

Much like anything in skincare, the basic information on the label is not easily deciphered unless you studied chemistry in college and that is why Couture Aesthetics lists their product ingredients on the label and provide product knowledge on their page. To have fragrance free intimate care products paired with the knowledge of the benefits is wonderful ! From the wipes to the foaming cleanser, there is a wide range of products for everyone to choose from. Each product is safe, tested and designed specifically to cater for the health of our intimate areas. Couture Aesthetics customers have provided their website with exceptional reviews, for example:

It’s light airy and the smell of aloe is comforting no irritation whatsoever. This is a must need in my household!”

“The scent is perfect and makes me feel squeaky clean!! I hope this product remains because I’ll be back for another bottle!”

Stay educated and prioritize the health of your intimate areas and be sure to follow us 

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