How to properly maintain the natural ph balance via cleansing with our products

What on earth is pH I can hear some people asking - something to do with chemistry? That is absolutely correct! The pH in our body measures how alkaline or acidic something is on a scale of 0 to 14. 7 is the middle number and anything below that means it is acidic and anything above, alkaline/normal. The pH within our intimate areas is affected by the bacteria coming from your stomach and any other external irritants - an example of this could be a tampon.


From an honest perspective, it is very unlikely that your pH will become incredibly acidic unless you are rubbing apple cider vinegar down there! The most real and common problem is maintaining that basic pH. This is because it can allow unhealthy bacteria to start growing, which makes you vulnerable to infection. There are lots of things that can start causing imbalances, for example, antibiotics and even cleansing wrongly. Yes, there is a wrong way to clean your intimate areas! Using scented products can cause irritation down there and majorly disrupt the pH levels, meaning that you are opening the door for harmful bacteria to begin to grow.


Generally, you can restore the pH down there naturally - as vaginas self-clean, but labias, and vulvas do not leaving you to do most of the work. However, the best thing that you could possibly do is use the correct products down there to keep everything maintained and healthy.  Just to reiterate: don't douche! The vagina cleans itself naturally. The process of "washing" your vaginal area with products stating that they will make the region have a better scent can have the opposite effect. This is because douching can wash away good bacteria and alters the pH, raising the risk of the infection going forward. is an amazing website with a wide range of products facilitating for everyone and their needs. From wipes to foams to cleansers, it is all available with educational descriptions to help you choose exactly what you need. Affordable and beneficial for all, there is no reason you shouldn’t have a browse! So many customers have been left in awe after purchasing, which proves that taking initiative and prioritizing the health of your entire body does have its rewards. One customer said:


"It's light airy and the smell of aloe is comforting no irritation whatsoever. This is a must need in my household!"


And another said:


“It’s so refreshing and after I use it I feel so refreshed.”


It is so important to prioritize the health of our intimate areas, whether it is widely spoken about or not. We all take care of our skin everywhere else, don’t we? So why should we neglect such an important part of our bodies? It just simply doesn’t make sense. We need to break the stigma and be more open about our own health. We are all important and must all take care of ourselves in the best way that we can. We are worth it!

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